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Process is central to effectiveness.

Effective processes breed success and can be designed and engineered to support your business goals.

Questions like these aid thinking:
  • how do the things we do support and enable our goals?
  • what are we doing that gets in the way of success?
  • do we have the right tools and competence to operate the processes?
Typical explanations for poor performance may include:
  • “we have grown rapidly - our processes just had to evolve”
  • we haven't the time to tackle some issues”
  • “a quick fix was put in place years ago, it works”
  • “we have always-done-it-this-way”
  • “we're constantly battered by change and muddle through”
  • “it's hard to admit we need help”
  • “there are threats on the horizon”
When things change, how well do your processes and actions serve you?