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Profit gives meaning to accomplishment and further improvement.

Traditionally this has been easy to state in financial terms There is something valuable beyond short-term profit.

The "
Triple Bottom Line" adds a new dimension:
  • it's worth doing financially
  • it's worth doing individually
  • it's worth doing environmentally
Such concepts provide a helpful focus for a business, just as awareness of financial returns can trigger action for long term survival, so other forms of bottom line add another dimension.

To achieve improvement, and sustain it, it is important to develop, retain and benefit from engaged and committed people on an ongoing basis.

People need emotional as well as financial returns for their endeavours.

Active engagement in the wider environment can offer benefit in the longer term (e.g.: a genuine drive to reduce carbon emissions can help shield the company from fuel price volatility).

You deserve to profit, in many ways, from all your activities.