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If you are a key decision maker with the courage to take time out to grow; step out of the box and invest in yourself; please express your interest.

This is a
proven approach developed with many top managers in the private and public sectors.

PEP offers top leaders an informed, realistic and, above all, practical approach to leading and managing people and work.

With focus on ‘real world’ practicalities, you will review and evolve your useful skills of building, maintaining and renewing strong relationships.

Our working style is pragmatic and uses the experience and knowledge of participants to test and validate action, relate experience and learning to your own work situation.

  • PEP is designed to refresh and revitalise your approach to people without losing sight of the results you must achieve.
  • PEP encourages attendees to share experience, practise skills and validate ideas fo0r their real world.
  • PEP provides time for reflection, away from pressures you may experience daily.
  • PEP encourages you to diagnose and plan action for a real-world project that is important to you. This can be reviewed and followed up post workshop.

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