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Mac's Skills

An experienced manager with a strong management, Organisational Development and coaching background - boardroom to shop-floor; offering wide Private (blue-chip to SME) and Public Sector (local, regional and national Government) experience.

His skill set includes:

  • Strategic Organisation Development/Change - individual, team, corporate;
  • Problem Investigation, feedback and resolution;
  • Facilitator/Trainer with the skills to deliver, follow-up and support action in the ‘real-world’;
  • Troubleshooter/adviser/coach to directors and top managers;
  • Project Implementation strategy and planning;
  • Project Support – consult, diagnose, plan, agree, manage, follow-up, measure, report;
  • Recruitment, Selection and design/implementation of related processes;
  • HR Partner/Adviser to outsourcing bid teams including TUPE and ER;
  • Talent Inventory, development and succession planning - linked to business strategy;
  • HR Policy, Process, Systems, Procedures, Implementation, Support;
  • Employee Relations;
  • Design, resource, deliver, monitor/evaluate training and development processes/programmes;
  • Performance Measurement and Review.
Work history, project and client lists are available on request.

My research investigated the practical development of teams in ‘real-time'. The focus was effective development and performance improvement in the present world of the team, engaging senior management and crossing boundaries as appropriate.

Current real-world problems and challenges provide powerful development opportunities at all levels and across boundaries. This means that practical ‘real-time’ Organisation Development and learning processes – focused through the needs of any business, department, team or individual – can be used to deliver value adding outcomes and business results. This is especially pertinent in times of change, growth and limited resources. I care more for results than theory.

Please get in touch if you want information about projects, a client list or anything else

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