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Why Mac?

Remember the old saying:

When you're up to your backside in a swamp filled with crocodiles and poisonous
snakes, it's hard to remember your original goal was to drain the swamp.

Short term issues drive out the long. Mac is a partner who supports you and colleagues as you tune in and affirm what matters and then:

  • Diagnose your situation, stay focused and face reality
  • Prioritise problems and deal with them
  • Enhance human commitment and motivation
  • Develop teamwork
  • Develop people
  • Help you apply your energy and achieve ongoing measurable results


Every organisation is a unique blend of people, challenges and bottom-line deliverables.

Supporting, enabling and sustaining a high standard of Organisational Effectiveness, especially in tough times, is no trivial matter.

Taking people through the daunting reality of Change, whilst sustaining strongly motivated, performance orientated teams who “can do” is a true test of leadership and people who assist leaders. I will help.

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