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The CEO of a newly established Unitary Authority faced the reality of his new role and responsibilities. He knew he would need to change if he was to implement and develop his new organisation effectively. This meant a higher level of personal accountability and a move towards a much more collegiate and team-working approach. The CEO aimed to ensure his colleagues committed to the new order and behaved accordingly.

A number of advisory meetings with the CEO took place over a relatively short period of time. These considered the implementation of an output focused management ethos which he shared and reviewed at facilitated conversations with all Director colleagues. Then he involved them in the design of their corporate Performance Management process, to which they all committed.

Next came the task of testing the approach on the Directors themselves. The CEO also agreed be ‘appraised’ by a team of three Director colleagues. This ensured his detailed experience of the process from both sides and gave him the benefit of a review as rigorous as the one he expected colleagues to undertake.

The CEO then carried out one-on-one Performance Review meetings between with each of his Directors with Mac as external facilitator. At these: the role, responsibilities and key outputs were discussed, clarified and linked to the political policy of the administration.
Following each meeting there was a private personal debriefing and review of how the meeting had gone for the CEO. He had a key personal goal of improving his relationship and personal performance with each Director as well as ensuring each was effectively tasked with deliverables.

In fairly quick time, Directors completed the finalisation of their own roles related to the Performance Management mechanism in consultation, and with sign off, from the CEO. They then began Performance Management roll-out with their direct reports.

The corporate training team were briefed to deliver the training programme to support the Performance Management implementation throughout the corporation. An article on the corporate approach to Performance Management was commissioned (from Mac), supplied and then published by the Authority to all employees via the in-house magazine.

The full implementation of the Performance Management programme, by the in-house training team was delivered throughout the Authority expeditiously. One of the significant and unusual aspects of this assignment was the strong involvement of all the Directors in the development of their corporate Performance Management system.


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