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Case Studies

These are brief examples of assignments. You can gain a very significant improvement to your results and bottom line by combining the know-how you already possess with a fresh pair of eyes.

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  1. Progression, Succession - working with high potential middle/senior executives to develop a relevant and self-financing Top Management Development programme.
  2. The Angry Factory - troubleshooting a challenging, business threatening people crisis in out-sourcing.
  3. Sauce for the CEO Goose!- a new CEO, a new organisation (public sector), a new approach to Performance Management which built trust, overcame resistance to change, developed people and encouraged positive engagement.
  4. Director out of Time - the human reality of resolving the problem of a high level misfit.
  5. It Takes Two to Tangle - Top level conflict isn't pretty; it can be resolved, quickly...

The skill, knowledge and experience of clients and their teams and offer wide, relevant learning and experience.