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Director Out of Time

The CEO of a major international manufacturing PLC had heard of Mac’s work with some of his top management. He had a problem. One of his Directors had finally returned from abroad after many years in charge of operations in the Far East. There were very significant difficulties in adjustment both for the CEO and his returned colleague.

A decision was made by the Board to resolve the issue, preferably with discretion, dignity and sensitivity, but ultimately with firm resolve. Assistance was sought to facilitate communication.

A meeting was arranged to begin discussion, this took place at Headquarters, over a private and very British lunch in the Director's office.

Within five minutes of the conversation starting, the Director was in tears. His colleagues were not the only ones who felt he had become a misfit. The meeting became a sensitive listening session to the point where it became clear that professional therapeutic counselling assistance was required. A critical stumbling block was overcome by ensuring that the clinical therapist was introduced and referred to as a "Consultant."

A colleague with the necessary qualifications and expertise was introduced. Within two weeks the situation was resolved as the Board had hoped, with discretion, dignity and sensitivity. The Director made contact to express thanks and reported he was much happier out of the PLC and delighted with the outcome.